With the rising popularity of vaping, several myths about it are dissipating. However, there are many things about vaping that people get wrong. Given below is a detailed discussion which attempts to do away with some of the myths about how to choose best e liquid and establish facts.

The Ingredients Are Not Hidden

Several people are wary about the use of e-liquids as they believe that its ingredients are not known and are still a secret maintained by the e-juice manufacturing companies. However, this is not true as all e-juice bottles mention the exact content of the ingredients on the label itself. The most common ingredients of e-juices are PG, VG, nicotine, flavor, and water, all of which are customizable according to personal preferences.

Not All Vapers Use Nicotine

Unlike cigarette smokers, not all vapers have a nicotine dependency. In fact, there are several vapers who use e-juices with zero nicotine content. These vapers are just interested in the flavor which is highly customizable in e-liquids and available in several varieties. Therefore, most vapers are now choosing best eliquid with little or no nicotine at all.

It’s Safer than Cigarette Smoke

Extensive studies have been done on the safety of e-juices and most of the verdict can be considered to be conclusive. Most of these studies have reached the conclusion that e-juices are far safer than cigarettes which still remain the most harmful choice for smokers.

Research Studies Have Been Done

One of the most common that you must have heard about vaping is that not enough research has been done on the subject. However, the truth is that several aspects of vaping and be-juices have been scientifically studied and the conclusions offered by them are within everyone’s reach.

Therefore, these are some of the most common misconceptions that non-vapers and even some vapers having about vaping.