Goede Tijden which began on October in the year 1990 is the longest running Dutch soap opera and was the first daily soap to be broadcast in the Netherlands. It is produced by none other than Joop Van Den Ende who is the founder of Stage Entertainment. Over 5000 episodes have been aired till date and when goede tijden gemist by many viewers, they make sure that they look back at that episode via a GTST shortie, which means the most important thing that happened in that particular episode can be viewed instantly in the video. With over millions of viewers, it has gained the highest television rating points in the Netherlands.


Plot of the soap opera

The series Goede tijden, slechte tijdenwas inspired by the Australian serial, The Restless Years. The serial is based in the fictional town of Meerdijk which primarily revolves around the lives of the families De Jong, Sanders, Bouwhuis, Van Houten and Alberts. Over the years, the serial has become famous for writing and creating more provocative storylines. For instance, the death of Frits van Houten, the truth behind Sander’s paternity and homosexuality had become the talk of the town for some time. Outsource Product Upload Services

Many actors have gained fame and popularity in the Netherlands and Europe who were once a part of this famous show. Then in 2016, the serial got a spin-off which follows some fresh personalities and some younger characters from GTST. Then the soap opera is also well-known for having a temporary break each year, ending a season at some time in June with a cliff-hanger, only to return three months later in the month of September. While in the past, cliff-hangers have time and again revolved around a family drama, later cliff-hangers have often revolved around surprising twists and disasters.

The soap opera has such a huge fan following that they cannot wait for the next episode and are very curious to know about it. GTST organizes a live event every year exclusively for viewers.